El Patio

Dining room, Entry, Kitchen, Office, Primary Bathroom

When you walk into this home you can feel the expanse of the space that was not realized until the design started coming to life. Walls were opened and structure was redistributed to gain this ranch style houses full potential. We took outdated closed small spaces and gave them full exposure with a very sexy design..

CHALLENGE:  The roof line was low and we had to strategically engineer the space structurally to achieve the open spaces.

NOTABLE MATERIALS: High Gloss paint on cabinets, all custom cabinetry and hardware designed specifically for this space. 

ROLE: Design, Construction

This kitchen and dining room was designed for creating new memories together

We offer a fresh, innovative take on traditional renovations that combines functionality with contemporary aesthetics.

We introduced unique shapes and captivating lighting fixtures to enhance the ambiance.

Maximizing efficiency is our priority, with optimized layouts and smart storage solutions. 

This bathroom renovation was completed by mixing fine tones and textures

This residential redesign evokes the ambiance of a luxurious hotel spa with its long herringbone ceramic tiles, granite slabs, contemporary lighting, and custom wood cabinetry.