Encino Residence


A Brand-New Kitchen on a Modest Budget

Not all home renovation projects need to be extravagant. Sometimes there is a modest budget that will still allow you to transform your space! The homeowner for this project wanted to refresh the dated kitchen but had a strict budget. With a few smart choices, the Rader Renovations team changed the whole look, feel and layout of the kitchen within the client’s budget.

CHALLENGE: Create a stylish spacious kitchen on a modest budget.

NOTABLE MATERIALS: Daltile hard surface quartz, luxury vinyl floor and custom-made pantry.

ROLE: Design, Construction

The Cabinets were repurposed.

Our first cost savings were the cabinets. The resourceful homeowner found cabinets from another project, and we repurposed and repainted the cabinets for her project. To keep the look consistent, we built an entirely new refrigerator surround with a new top cabinet that matches the style of the repurposed cabinets.

Other significant changes to the kitchen included a brand-new built-in pantry with interior outlets for small appliances, a brand-new ventilation system, and a hood. We removed all the popcorn texture from the ceiling for the finishing touch.

“This kitchen proves that even with a modest budget you can add a lot of style and functionality to your project with just a few smart choices.”

They saved on expenses, 
while maxing out on space.

The original kitchen was cramped, but there was plenty of extra space in the adjoining breakfast nook. We expanded the kitchen into the original breakfast nook space. We kept the sink and dishwasher in their original locations avoiding extra plumbing expenses. We added a 10-foot island that includes enough space for meal prep or for the whole family to eat together. All the counters are quartz but saved again by using 2cm quartz rather than 3 cm. The flooring was another opportunity to stay on budget with style. While it looks like tile, it is not. It is a luxury vinyl flooring.