Lake Haven Residence


A Confusing Floorplan Becomes a Functional and Inviting Entertaining Space.

When Dana called us, the entry to her home was an awkward juxtaposition of laundry, eating area, mudroom, and entrance to the master suite. This labyrinth was especially challenging for the family’s children! Her children (like mine!) often needed to go to the master suite in the middle of the night. We also discovered (when we removed the walls) that the ceiling heights did not match. We lowered the ceiling two inches and made it consistent across the whole space.

We wanted to create a space that made sense for the family without rearranging the house. We built an inviting, walkway to the master suite by moving the laundry room into a brand new, enclosed room. The new laundry room was just that, a brand new built-in room. A refreshing change from the visible, tiny stackable laundry set-up in the kitchen. Our lighting design guides occupants through the space effortlessly.

CHALLENGE:  Transform a scary confusing space into a welcoming, usable space

NOTABLE MATERIALS: Framing, Drywall, Insulation, Semi-Custom Cabinets, Custom Countertops, Porcelain tile, and 4″ Inset Lighting

ROLE: Design, Construction