McCosh Residence


Sparking New Life into an East Dallas Home

The original room on the backside of the home was a poorly constructed addition purposed as a sunroom, but without HVAC it was just a hotbox the family could not use. When an electrical fire erupted it destroyed the room and demolition was the only option. The family knew it was time to dream of new possibilities!

When the family contacted Rader Renovations, they came to us with big ideas. They wanted a new space that would serve as a home office, a family space, and a spa retreat. To make these ideas a reality we got to work on a brand new 1000-square-foot addition.

CHALLENGE: Create three new functional spaces from a fire damaged sunroom

NOTABLE MATERIALS: Steam room, glass ceiling tile(s), custom cabinetry and trim details, match exterior existing brick, covered patio with cedar post

ROLE: Design, Construction

The Spa

This home’s simple light-filled office hides a luxurious surprise. This brand new bathroom has more in common with Dallas’ most exclusive spas than it does a home bathroom.

The Family Room

The family wanted a room full of filtered light. A room flexible enough for three growing kids and the option to open or close it off to the rest of the home. We think it looks spectacular!.

The Exterior

The addition of 1000 square feet to this home needed to look like a natural extension of the house. Our goal was to make it seem as if the addition had been part of the home all along.